Essay about opinion ( is archaeology a waste f time and money ? ) 1 answer below »

Essay Topic :
Some people feel that the study of archaeology is a waste of time and money. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons and use examples (from the UAE or abroad) to support your answer.

the requirements:
Is archaeology a waste of time and money? Do you agree or disagree? ( the answer MUST BE YES – agree )
2.What are your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing? Put a different reasons (You should have at least 3 reasons).
3.What evidence/examples will you use to support your reasons?

Essay format:
1- Introduction:you should introduce the topic briefly and statewhether you agree
2- Body : ( each reason must be in a paragraph ) A. REASON + EXAMPLE B. REASON + EXAMPLE C . REASON + EXAMPLE D. REASON + EXAMPLE
3. CONCLUSION:( you should summarize your opinion. Do you think everyone agrees with your opinion? )

The examples must used form the PowerPoint in the attachments and it must be related to the reasons you write ( the reasons must be logical )

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