Describe the event you planned.

I. Many of you may believe that you have never worked in project  management, but in reality, most of you have already at some point in  your life. Think back to a time when you organized a key event (e.g.,  birthday parties, weddings, yard projects, house renovations, family  vacations, projects at work) that meets the definition of a project.

  • Describe the event you planned.
  • Summarize the things that went well and / or things that went wrong.
  • Be sure to reference some of the key skills covered from the chapter.


II. You are working with your Project Sponsor to decide on the optimal  project management structure for an upcoming complex project that will  involve over 100 members, similar to this project:

  • The Sponsor believes that a dedicated project team structure  will not work. He has the same concerns about this structure that the  author has noted. You are confident that this structure or a matrix  structure will work for the project.
  • Describe how you will reassure him  that either structure will be successful.

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