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Given:  Barrel circular Area = 4.60 ft2, flow rate of water into the barrel = 36.8 lb / sec, flow rate of water from the leak in the bottom of the barrel = 9.2*h  lb/sec (9.2 is the ‘leak rate coefficient C’), water density = 62.4 lb / ft3.

Exit flow rate is a function of water level.


Find :  ( 15 pts) Define the five (5) constant variables of Area, Flow in, Coefficient for flow out, density of water,

                        and appropriate time step size in seconds as shown in class and as done in Excel Assignment 02.

                        The time step size should be at least 2.0 seconds, but not more than 10.0 seconds. NOT I DONT NEED WORDS DEFINITION FOR THIS QUESTION EVERTHING SHOULD BE BY NUMBERS AND EQUETION. 

            ( 5 pts)  Calculate the coefficients C1 and C2 to be used in the solution to the differential equation.     

            ( 5 pts)  Calculate the “Time Constant”  tau =  τ

            ( 5 pts)  Column tabulation of times beginning with time = 0.0 seconds   

            (20 pts) Column tabulation of water level in the barrel using the time-step simulation or approximations.  

            (15 pts) Column tabulation of water level in the barrel using the theoretical solution to the governing equation.

            (10 pts) Column tabulation of percent error between simulation and theoretical. 

            (  5 pts)  The maximum water level in the Barrel. Explicitly articulate this as you did with the Optimum Angle.     

            (20 pts) Titled and Labeled Graph showing Simulation (as a Dotted Line), Theoretical (as a Solid Line),

                        and Percent Error  (as any line).  



The Theoretical Water Level or height is :   h(t) = [ C2 / C1 ] * [ 1.0 – exp (- C1*t  ) ]   


    OR    h(t) = [ C2 / C1 ] * [ 1.0 – exp (-t / τ  ) ]   



  C1 = Leak Coeff. / density / Area             and           C2 = Flow rate in / density / Area


Include your name on the actual spreadsheet also.


Everyone does his/her own assignment; this is not like a lab. Ask questions during class or send an e-mail titled “Question about Excel 03 Assignment”.  Let me know if the points do not sum to 100 pts. 


Submit results to me as a spreadsheet file; this worked very well for previous Excel assignments. Send an e-mail with the Excel file attached and Excel 03 in the subject of the e-mail. All files are due by Monday, November 25, 2013  11:00pm.  But do not send the e-mail before 6:00pm; this will keep all the e-mails together in my file. They will arrive in one nice batch.  That means send the e-mail to me after 6;00pm and before 11;00pm.  

i need thin in 24 hours

each report in a spread sheet (excel format)

The short-run elasticity of demand for gasoline sold at gas stations is 0.20 and elasticity of supply is 1.00. If…

The short-run elasticity of demand for gasoline sold at gas stations is 0.20 and elasticity of supply is 1.00. If terrorism reduces supply by 5 percent, and gas were selling for $1.75 before terrorism, what would you predict would happen to the price of gas?

mgt420 slp1

Power Tactics and Sources of Power

For the Session Long Project this session you will be applying the concepts from the background materials to your own personal experiences in the workplace. You likely have experienced many if not all of the concepts at one point or another in your career, but you may not have been familiar with the precise terminology.

In preparation for the SLP, make sure you have a thorough grasp of the terminology from the background materials including the main sources of power and types of power tactics. Once you are comfortable with the terminology and concepts from the background materials, think of a manager that you worked with closely who held a fair amount of power at the organization you worked for. Then write a 2- to 3-page paper addressing each of the following questions. For each answer, make sure to cite at least one reference from the required background readings.

  1. What were this manager’s main sources of power? Include a discussion of reward power, legitimate power, and expert power as well as other sources of power discussed in the background readings.
  2. Discuss some power tactics used by this manager. Include a discussion about whether or not this manager used the power tactics discussed in Anderson (1998) and Nair (2010) from the background materials.
  3. Did this manager make good use of his or her sources of power and power tactics, or did they misuse or abuse their power?

SLP Assignment Expectations

  • Follow the assignment instructions closely and follow all steps listed in the instructions.
  • Stay focused on the precise assignment questions; don’t go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to summarizing general background materials.
  • Make sure to cite readings from the background materials page. Rely primarily on the required background readings as your sources of information.
  • Include both a bibliography and in-text citations. See the Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper, including pages 13 and 14 on in-text citations.

a stomp rocket takes 1.5 seconds to reach its maximum height. what was its initial velocity??

a stomp rocket takes 1.5 seconds to reach its maximum height. what was its initial velocity??

You are required to prepare a cost statement showing the subdivision of total cost.

ABC Ltd., a manufacturing company, incurred the following expenses during a certain

period. You are required to prepare a cost statement showing the subdivision of total





Materials Used on Jobs


Add: Wages Traceable to jobs


Wages paid to personnel for maintance work


Works Salaries


Salaries of sales personnel


Hire of crane jobs no 132


Consumable store


Carriage Outwards


Carriage Inwards on raw materials


Directors Fees


Factory rent and rates


Depreciation of plant


Depreciation of delivery van


Insurance on finished goods


Lubrication Oils


Bad Debts


Commision to sales personnel


Cost of Idle time in factory


Auditors Fees


Dividends Paid


Lighting of show room


Office Salaries and Expenses




Identify the participle and the noun it modifies. 1. One day I was giving Simon, my spoiled cat, some treats….

Identify the participle and the noun it modifies. 1. One day I was giving Simon, my spoiled cat, some treats. Participle: It modifies: 2. Standing on his hind legs, he reached up with his paw. Participle: It modifies: 3. Simon, grabbing for my fingers, tried to bring the tasty morsel closer. Participle: It modifies: 4. Grabbing the treats and gobbling them down, he has learned that certain moves always get him a snack. Participle: It modifies: In your own words define the word participle.

online bio

Material to help you answer the questions:


Use command + f to search for key words on here too for some answers: (Bio 100 Pozos course)



Personal Fitness Team

Personal Fitness Team 

The job of the Personal Fitness Team is to design a fitness program to help the person you choose begin an effective fitness life style.  You will need to develop a workout plan, a diet, and find a lifelong recreation activity that will fit your client and their personal goals and interests. 

Your task for this project is to develop a fitness program for one of the 3 clients below. 

You will be filling all 3 roles in a Personal Fitness Team. These roles are explained on the process page.  You will become an expert in their area.  The focus of the team is to design a program to get their client in shape and “pitch” their program to the client.  

You will then have to create a PowerPoint presentation for the client about the fitness program you have put together, why it is beneficial to the client, and how all of the parts fit together. 

Jimmy – Jimmy is a young man who is tired of being so scrawny.  Jimmy weighed 135 pounds when he graduated high school.  He is interested in having the physique that he sees in his favorite magazine, Muscle and Fitness.  Jimmy wants to put on 20 pounds of muscle in order to look better and gain muscle strength and size.  Jimmy’s favorite activities include sleeping, fishing, video games and competitive sports.  Jimmy works for the animal control office as a part time employee and he is also going to junior college.  Jimmy is interested in finding a workout plan that will allow him to reach his goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

Angela – Angela is a junior in high school.  She is a nice looking young lady who is in good physical shape.  Angela knows that as she moves on in her life it will be harder to maintain her “in shape” look.  She is interested in starting a program right now that will help her to maintain the way she looks and feels during the rest of her life.  Angela would like to maintain lean muscle mass, increase her muscle strength and maintain or increase her cardio-vascular endurance.  Angela’s interests include the snow, the beach, and the occasional jog around the track.  Angela is not a very independent person, she enjoys activities with others and is more likely to be active when other people are involved.

Randy – Randy has the same problem that many people face in our society, he is about 25 pounds overweight.  Randy would like to trim down his figure to become more of “the man he wants to be”.  Randy is 22 years old and he feels that now is the time in his life to change his lifestyle.  He would like to focus more on activity and begin to build a new body.  Randy works about 10 hours a day and feels awfully tired when he gets home.  He needs some advice on how to start his workout plan and become consistent at it.  In Randy’s spare time he likes to hang out with his friends, throw the frisbee around, eat, watch football, and relax in his recliner.

BA Organizational Behavior

I have HW in BA class that used Organizational Behavior 10th edition book i attached the chpter for this assignment


I have 4 qestions should be done 06/30/2014 before 8 am Pacific time

1) what is the business case that is driving LeasePlan’s interest in managing diversity? Discuss.

2) while LeasePlan’s diversity initiative is clearlu working what recommendations would you make for improving their program?Explain

3) what would the diversity program looks like?

4) what is the benefit of it?


all those questions should be in parographs?