Assume that you are the Marketing Manager of an organisation.

Assume that you are the Marketing Manager of an organisation. Your organisation is going to launch a new product or service to an international market and needs to plan for campaign effectiveness. You have been asked to prepare a report for the release of this new product or service.

Task 1

–          Using relevant sources of information, describe the background to consumer behaviour for your organisation’s market and explain how psychological and environmental variables can influence customers.

–          Analyse the role of advertising and promotion in marketing with consideration of:

o   Communication processes and regulation

o   The role of advertising and branding in promotional strategies

o   Current trends in advertising and promotion, including the impact of ICT and the internet.

o   The benefits of relationship marketing to organisations.

Task 2

Develop a marketing and integrated promotional plan for a product or service which clearly shows:

–          Measurable goals and strategies for an identified main target group with an evaluation of their decision making processes.

–          Evaluation of barriers, constraints that might affect plan implementation and how they might be overcome. Your response should include consideration of ethical and legal issues in marketing.

–          Justify recommendations for pricing, distribution and communication policies.

–          The relative importance of brand loyalty, corporate image and repeat purchasing for this group

–          How you would measure campaign effectiveness and identify the key requirements of such a plan.

Task 3

Compare the role of below the line (BTL) and above the line (ATL) techniques in the marketing and communications plan, and evaluate the use of below the line techniques for selected products and/or services.


1- No Plagiarism 

2- It must be Structure and Format

Word Count

Task 1 1200 words

Task 2 1300 words

Task 3 500 words

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